Rainbow Stories 6: Nayan Kalita helps push a cart load of bamboo



While you and I whizz across the city in our posh AC cars, pursing our lips, grimacing at the humidity and spewing expletives at a sun which is at its shining best, someone somewhere is doing some good work, which often goes unnoticed. 
As I drive up the Chandmari flyover, I see a young boy in his uniform helping a tired, sweaty man in an over-worn grimy tee-shirt and an equally unclean towel around his waist, to push his cart-load of bamboo and wooden planks. The task is arduous up the fly-over and the man must have felt blessed to get a helping hand. 
I hop off my car to talk to the young boy! 
Nayan Kalita, a student of Class XII of Jigyas Academy, Sundarpur, thinks that even after a hard day at school, the excruciating heat is not an impediment for the random act of kindness that I caught him doing on the Chandmari flyover yesterday afternoon. A resident of Beharbari, Nayan stays with his parents and a younger brother. He wishes to complete his MBA and then contribute in whatever way he can to his state! He believes that only the young generation can root out corruption if they make a determined choice! I am blessed to have met Nayan Kalita! More power to youngsters like Nayan! 

Tinat Atif Masood

Tinat Atif Masood

Tinat Atifa Masood is an Actor, Director, Producer, Script-writer, National-level emcee, Voice-over artist, Writer, Poet, Counsellor, Philanthropist, blogger, Dreamer and a lover of people. She is based in Guwahati.