Ratan Bhattacharjee’s poems focus on nature, relationships and travel



Ratan Bhattacharjee’s poems focus on nature, relationships and travel. He experiences life’s sojourn in his poems which are melodic, using rhyme at times. This penchant for a traditional mode  marks his poetry, at a time when the relevance of rhyme is questioned.  His poems have been translated into Assamese.

I Saw the River in You
Rivers are like a human being
sometimes drenched and sometimes dry
They flow in high passions in the rains
In summer’s desiccated heat it goes to cry
As Antony wins the soul of Cleopatra
tide wins the river at times
I too wait with my stormy passions
to win my beloved with my rhymes
Her Red Wine Smile
Love is not to be remembered
If so , love is over
Love is to be lived
Or no need to love for ever
I live my love as a mortal
till my first kiss and my first glass of wine
I hardly need Providential interference
when she is only mine
She summons my passions one by one
to stroke softly on my limbs
She dazzles inside my pensive soul
like the effulgent sunbeams
She tinkles my glass of feelings
I enter the forbidden zone
Passions run riot with her red wine smile
and I scribble my love canzon
Song of the Sizzling Soul
One day your sarky query to shuck me and tease
‘Caress and , love -O dear ,can life go beyond this!’
Why not ask me if our fustian passions cried so loud
Our poems in a sensuous canopy were to enshroud
I scripted my caress on your white skin in a trance
Now you fillip my lips to write a phenomenal romance
You scribble a fabulous apologue on my lips again
Let us get fully sloshed in the Bacchanalian rain
Let your fair skin singe under my softy lusty graze
My golden lines are for your feelings to rampage
If ever my seething emotions have a heavy toll
Without delay let’s maffle to guide our sizzling soul
Poetic Nonsense!
You hugged your beloved
One year ago
Butterflies still dancing..
Trees bear fruit
Humans logged in pain
Password not known for joy
Like a cup of milk
Destiny spills all over
Me texting msgs to my beloved
Green stars smoke jealousy
Passions drink wine
When you are not mine
Dead sound of morality
Death knell tolls
Love dying in my Limousine
A tragedy
I did not kiss you literally
Mobile switched off dead
Hopes displaced
Emotions walking homeless
Darkness got a refuge
Endless seacoast
Love strides in
Tired look growing empty
Bald head, demonic look
Busy in gardening
Waiting for flirting females
Comments became essay
for some trash poem
The poetess looked awesome
Perfume persisting long
Her vanity bag opens up
Her past lover’s photo
Morality pretended
The sawdust clogged the heart
She loved all equal
Mind goes belligerent
Betrayal walking fast
Unfriending and blocking
Wind of love goes stormy
Betrayal clamours loud
Nasty words swarming and floating
The wheel revolves
Friendship ripening like grapes
Some lips going dry
You metamorphosed my wounds
into marvellous verse
Me penning each with your lips
You gave me all
First time my hands going empty
But my heart becoming full
Kalidas sent a piece of cloud
My senses flowing faster
You enslaving me with silence
Addiction redefined on you
the lips moistened
Words spoken so few!
The waves dashed
To get wrecked more and more
There the hungry shore waiting
Pittsburgh ,Now My City of Romance !
I reached PIttsburgh after all night in the bus
The exhaustion was just terrible
I felt never tired to come to the ‘City of Bridges’
His stay makes it Land of Romance after crucible
The most beloved man of my planet lives here
The joy and ecstasy of my body and soul
The blue and downtown white color workers
The Ohio river passes by
Our bus was reaching Pittsburgh very fast
The sun whitened the blue sky.
Dusty horses , opening bakeries on the way
The great guffaw no longer stiffled
I was dreaming in my sleep in the lonely seat
Life was no longer unruffled
Love for me was never a pain
Like April rain it brought May flowers
After a long long drought of loneliness
November weekend brings romance showers
The Atlantic coast and Midwest look so bright
The mineral-rich Alleghenies has a Diwali night
Monongahela River quietly flows with ripple
Strengthens the bond of Black and white people
When I boarded down from the bus
He stood like an angel,, now no loneliness to annoy
The morning sun all crimson on horizon
Oh God ! My soul danced in an ecstastic joy.
Pittsburgh became a city of romance
I lost and found myself as if in a trance.
 Love is a Rebirth of the Phoenix
That evening I saw your tearful eye
You taught me not to wipe the salt
But to smile and look at the sky
The smiling sky spreads my pain
From no cloud beautiful silver rain
I felt love’s warm flow in my vein
Love never dies as love takes rebirth
After all the cold ashes and sparks
The ever unextinguished hearth
A woman with less expectation
Can be a goddess to give satisfaction
Love for such a woman is not flirtation
Love is like south-facing door in summer
I enjoy silky swirl of gossamer
Let me go and greet my Oleander
A magic mountain rose high
In my deepest soul when I did cry
I was reborn in a smiling sky.
You chide me when I cry
Love is not then an obsession
Love makes me soar very high
Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee, a bilingual writer  and academician who is Associate Professor & Head  of PG English of Dum Dum Motijheel College, Kolkata and Guest Faculty  at RBU is also  Member in the International Advisory Board of International Theodore Dreiser Society, USA (http://www.dreisersociety.org/). He is a regular columnist in Dainik Statesman and Book Reviewer of The Telegraph and he edits Literary Confluence: A Global Journal for English and Cultural Studies (http://literaryconfluence.weebly.com (ISSN 2349-6509). He has to his credit as many as 700 articles on varied social issues published in online webzines like Different truths, Boloji.com and Merinews.com and blogs and in research journals in India and abroad. He may be reached at profratanbhattacharjee@gmail.com

Ananya S Guha

Ananya S Guha

Ananya S Guha works in the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Shillong (Meghalaya) as an Academic Administrator. He has over 30 years of teaching and administrative experience. He has six collections of poetry and his forms have been published world wide. Some of his poems are due to appear soon in an Anthology of Indian Poetry in English to be published by Harper Collins.