Raxik Xujaan launched in Guwahati book fair

The English translation of Nirupama Mahanta’s biographical novel on Mahaapurux Madhavdev, “Raxik Xujaan: The True Connoisseur” was released at Guwahati Book Fair recently. The book has been translated by Sanjib Sabhapandit and edited by Madan Sarma.



Nirupama Mahanta, a retired professor of Assamese in the Swaheed Maniram Dewan college, Chaaring, near Jorhat has also composed and directed several Ankiyaa Naat and audio visual programmes which reaffirm her as a leading light in the contemporary Xankaree culture.


Bibhash Choudhury of Gauhati University, while releasing the book said, “We get an insight into the humane side of the personality. It is a view into the momentous life of this sublime personality for the English readers.”


The translator Sanjib Sabhapandit urged the need to set up a model Xatra which can be showcased to the outside world. He writes, “It is a strange fact that writing on Xangkardev remains incomplete without writing substantially and extensively about Madhavdev. The same is true in equal measure in the reverse case also. Both of them bloomed phenomenally in fertile company of each other. Dr  Mahanta has tried to portray these aspects of Maadhavdev’s personality in the novel.”


Phanindra Deva Choudhury, writer said, “We have to take our talents to the outside world. In fact, the way the Xatras were set up are an example for the world. We could think of an Xangkaar Madhav Art of Management and entrepreneurship to make their ideals relevant in the modern world.”