Responsible Metropolis

Denizens of Guwahati can now visualize a dream city. A stimulating campaign titled, “Metropolis- I am Responsible” – an initiative of DDMA (District Disaster Management Authority) is underway for the past three months in various parts of the city. The menace of perennial urban flooding is a serious and growing development challenge in Guwahati. The campaign is a tribute to the growing Metropolis, Guwahati in order to invoke a sense of awareness among the populace about any impending natural disaster and make the city livable.


Guwahati Heritage Drive is an ongoing part of the campaign under Metropolis “I am Responsible”. The motive behind this campaign is to create awareness among the people, especially the youth to understand the importance of heritage. “Our heritage is important because without realizing the significance of our past we can’t move towards our future and it also makes us understand and feel why we should be “Responsible” to keep our city cleaner, better and safer,” says Ranjan Engticode, one of the organizers of the campaign.


Celebrities have also come forward to lend a hand to the campaign. Singer Angaraag Papon Mahanta says, “It’s YOUR city. Who else will keep it clean? Let’s make it a better place before its too late!” Musician Joi Barua appeals, “Take pride in your city. Keep it clean.” Emerging youth leader Gaurav Gogoi pleads, “Let’s make a difference to our society by keeping our beloved Guwahati CLEAN !!”


Guwahati is also a city of venerated heritage sites. “In order to conserve all these we have to come forward with an proactive initiative that we make our city as the clash of titan among all others and which give us a pride and honor to be a Guwahatian,” Engticode adds. Noted actor Adil Hussain says, “This city is your home. Shouldn’t your home be kept clean?”


In this drive a bus is showcased with all the pictures and images of past Guwahati which shows the past glimpse from which the city Guwahati starts its journey. It goes to schools and colleges and other places like clubs, ngos and other organization for the exhibition of bus. Alongwith this, they also give a mock drill on how to take safeguards temporarily at the time of disaster.  After that the students are taught about waste management and how can decorative items be created with the waste products. Eminent intellectual Hiren Gohain says, “Guwahati is a scenic city. Had proper care been taken, it would not have become so ugly and dirty.”


The campaign also celebrated the city with the differently abled children at Shishu Sarothi, a premier centre for rehabilitation and training for multiple disabilities is a registered non-profit voluntary organization that has been working in the Northeast region of India since 1987. Disabled rights activist Arman Ali says, “Your city is your image. keep it CLEAN !!”

As a whole it is an enterprise to make Guwahati a place of pride in the region. Veteran sporting icon Pulin Das says, “Let the City run with the spirit of Cleanliness”. The initiative is the brainchild of the Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup (Metro), Ashutosh Agnihotri. “We are grateful for his splendid support and gratitude for this campaign,” adds Engticode.