By Bijoyinee Sarma

There is a very famous quote that many artists have probably heard of- IT TAKES COURAGE TO BE AN ARTIST…

Painting is a form of Art we all know of. It can bring any imagination or dream into reality. Many of us join traditional classes, and eventually, the art becomes our hobby. We learn various techniques, colour theories, types of Art. Despite knowing the struggles of being a professional artist, some choose to take art as a career with the passion and love they have for the same. Moreover, few follow the traditional way to practice and brush up the art skills by landing into a world of opportunities with hope and hard work. Whereas some of the other artists are self-taught, explore and learn everything on their own by following the work of other inspirational artists.

In many parts of the world, art as a profession is regarded to be full of struggle, and artists would be starving throughout life. The main reason for this is somehow the persistent social meme that they struggle in life. Most of us believe that one can’t make a living as an artist. And yet we can see more and more artists who come out and dedicate all their time and energy to their art. We just have to accept, and Art and Struggle go hand in hand. The struggle is in every field in which we work.

But, there are specific reasons that the myths of starvation and unsuccessfulness are stuck with the Art career. There is a lack of recognition and inspiration in the field.  While there have been ample artists coming after studying, the value of art is still missing in our country’s many parts, be it monetarily or verbally. An artist needs constant inspiration to create Art, and it can only be possible if the art is praised. The artists need to work frequently and equally on promoting their work to attract people towards it. Holding others responsible for their work is not recognized or sold is not the right way to do it. Everyone needs to keep trying, keep creating more, promote it, grab the opportunities, and only then the success will come.

The process of creating art or developing as an artist may not always be pleasant nor can always result in applause. Even if the artist is complimented, it is momentary. The need for recognition being a reason for entering the world of art marketing is sad, and if passion fades in the process. Art will always need love. It is OK to seek fame and fortune in life as we all have many expectations, but it is crucial to create and provide a visual message through Art.

Many countries are now providing opportunities for local artists only, and for some time, international chances are very less due to post COVID recovery. They are creating platforms for local artists to showcase their art, and this will encourage and inspire them in a significant way.

Artists should take a chase of art renaissance and create more. There have been a lot of artists coming out and taking it as a career. Most of them are into social media, making full use of the tools it provides and helps them be aware of opportunities in the same field.

“Life as an artist may be a rich and splendid life, but simultaneously, a tough and full of troubles, constantly running through the rough patch, inspired by unseen energies.”

A real artist shall never give up on the struggle and must fight forever besides the fact that not all the paintings and its meaning are understood, appreciated or recognised by the spectators. It may break down the artist, but they need to know that we all have different views and opinions, and it doesn’t mean your art has some problem.

After all, all great works of art are trophies of victorious struggle as quoted by Julius Meier-Graefe.

Being an artist and all on our own is a different experience. Some Days are stressful, and some are creative and fruitful. We manage and make decisions on our own and are free to move without the need of working under the pressure of somebody else.

It’s time we must respect and value the art and the artists, purchase paintings, provide them with support and opportunities to create and promote creativity.

Bijoyinee Sarma is a freelance artist and writer. Her articles and art pieces reflect topics about Mother Nature, its infinite elements and women. Bijoyinee is also associated with a Conservation Organisation and promotes caring for Nature. She wants to help emerging artists with the ideas of establishing art as a successful profession and how anything is possible with hard work and ultimate dedication. She can be reached at bijoyineesarma@gmail.com