Safety on Guwahati streets

MEGHA KASHYAP writes how she was threatened with a knife on her way from office

The nation rose to an extreme when Nirbhaya case happened in December 2012.New laws were enacted but to of no use.

The recent rape of the Mumbai photojournalist was all over news and media.But the question is has the situation changed after the Criminal Ammendment Act?

The recent incident that happened with me has left me in a state of shock.

My office is located in Uzanbazar which is like the heart of the city. It was a normal day for me and I took the newly constructed road that leads to my office.

I was talking with a friend over phone when I saw a group of young boys sitting in the pavement. As I walked  past them, two of them were imitating my words and passed remarks on me. I turned back and asked them what happened and why they were behaving like that. Within seconds they rose from their sitting position and ran towards me with a knife and showing it to me said “You have seen this? We can kill you right here with this”

Luckily there were few people nearby who rushed to the site and scolded them and the group dispersed. I hurried to my office.

I came to know from my colleagues that these goons tease every girl who passes by that road.

A lot of my friends and well wishers have suggested me to file a FIR and take serious actions but again before doing anything I have to ensure my security and safety. Even if I file a FIR today, let’s assume that they are arrested and freed after some days, what next? The next thing they would do is take a serious revenge against me as they know me well, where I work, at what time I come and when I leave office. The worst of thoughts come to me when I imagine this situation.

Now the question is how strong our laws are. The law is yet to give its verdict over the Nirbhaya case, it’s been over 6 months now and if something similar happens to me tomorrow who will ensure safety and justice for me? and my family?

And coming from a lesser known place like Guwahati I believe matters would be worse and may even go unnoticed.

Are we really safe in this world? From the very stage of conception of a female to her old age, we have to undergo a lot of hardships and as such the increasing crimes against women have become a serious concern.

Can we hope of better laws to ensure safety and security for women?

Megha Kashyap

Megha Kashyap

Megha Kashyap is Project Associate at North East Network and a social entrepreneur. She is also project co-ordinator for Clean Guwahati initiative.