Shopping apps gaining popularity

By Shabnam Shahin

India  is moving towards digitalization. Indian youths are getting more engrossed in smartphones and the various application (apps) they can access through it. Smartphones have become a part of the life of the youngsters today, be it connecting through social media, watching movies, playing games or even shopping online. Online shopping apps have also become a huge part of the youths today for casual window shopping along with buying stuffs of their requirement hassle free.

As it is believed that now people do not have enough time to roam around in the market the whole day and buy what they want. They now just shop online by ordering goods, sitting at their homes and offices. In most of the developed cities of these country people even shop their groceries online. The country is developing in a rapid pace and the youths are becoming more and more techno-savyy. They now craze for gadgets with new advance technology.

Shopping apps are such technology that has facilitated the experience of shopping easy and accessible within few clicks on the mobile phone. One can sit at home and choose from thousand of products available online. There are friendly offers of cash on delivery, product if damaged or not satisfactory can be returned and refunded within a period of one month. Some shopping apps also provide facilities for virtual trial rooms. The online shopping organizations are putting their best to make the experience of shopping by shopping apps, a good and reliable one.

As the idea of shopping apps is still new, people do hesitate to buy costly products online. One may find cases of unsatisfactory delivery too. Cases of damaged products, non delivery, delayed delivery, wrong delivery are some of such instances of unsatisfactory delivery. Even the customers sometimes have to suffer for the unprofessional work attitude shown by the delivery persons.

This idea of online shopping or shopping apps is a new thing for the people of India as well as Assam, but still it has been able to attract a huge number of users. The online shopping organizations are trying their best to attract the audiences with their innovative advertising, special offers, customer credits and what not. Online shopping has added a new horizon to the world of shopping. One can find anything and everything online with just a click on their smartphones. Quoting one of the shopping site,” From ding to dong,get everything on”.

(Shabnam Shahin is a Masters final year student of Gauhati University)