Social entrepreneur Hekani Jakhalu plans to go organic this summer



In our special summer series, celebrated individuals from India’s Northeast share their secrets to beat the summer heat. So, stay cool, look chic and leave your imprint this summerhekani4


Social entrepreneur from Nagaland HEKANI JAKHALU has made some exotic plans this summer


Summer in Kohima is fun. The weather is pleasant and also comes with it’s share of some rain. I am planning a little getaway to a nearby village with my friends. We will be trying our hands helping clean up the paddy field and orange orchard.


We also plan to go organic with our food, so we will fix our meals with whatever is available in the field and nearby forests – tomatoes, beans , herbs , jungle leaves etc. And we plan to end our day with some bible study and prayer. It’s going to be so fun.


My getaway gear would be cotton pants and t-shirts and sneakers, otherwise in summer I love wearing dresses with sandals for regular outings.