South Asia Women Fund project on women with disabilities

Shishu Sarothi, Centre for Rehabilitation and Training for Multiple Disability, a not-for-profit organization in the northeastern region of India organized an inaugural meeting for women with disabilities on June 24, 2015 under the South Asia Women Fund Project.  The main idea of the meeting was to create a strong network of women with disabilities in northeast India to work with a rights-based approach. The stereotypical attitude of the people towards disability needs to be changed. This event is another step towards building an inclusive and non-discriminatory society. A total of around 20 Disabled women participated in the day’s program. The program was also attended by officials from FST (Foundation for Social Transformation), Swabalambi, North East Network.


There is an attitudinal barrier towards people with disability wherein they face stigma and discrimination on a daily basis. At the same time, access to services  and their rights are curtailed. The Project will serve as an opportunity for the women with disability to address the various issues encountered in the society. It will also enable them to have a face to face interaction with the personalities belonging to diverse field.


 Through this platform a training will be provided to women with disabilities and provide a space where they can come together and participate in various extracurricular activities. Project Coordinator Silsila, a woman with disability herself said “Disability in women is not heartily accepted in our society, they are looked down upon and considered as burden to the society”. The project will also be involved in spreading awareness about various legislations and welfare schemes for women with disabilities, at the different levels of division.