‘Stars of North East’ group launches an ongoing environment care mission

The environment protection committee of the Stars of North East (SoNE) empowerment group, at an austere event held at Suruj Nagar in Guwahati on the occasion of World Environment Day on Monday, resolved to launch an all inclusive ongoing mission to protect and preserve the environment as a duty towards the future generations of mankind.

Neyaj Uddin Ahmed, coordinator of the mission, urged all members of the group to plant a sapling to mark any important event in the family be it a birth, a wedding, or even a death. Such planting of saplings would ensure that the stakeholders will take all care to protect and preserve the plant from all adversities and threats. He urged upon members to promote this practice among all their friends, relations, and workplace colleagues.


Salma Hussain, TAN Youth Icon of the year 2016 and a member of SoNE, will be leading a project named “Seeds” under which citizens will be encouraged to preserve and store the seeds of fruits like mangoes, litchis, guavas etc and get them planted along roads and highways so that besides making a green cover, these trees will provide food to the masses in the surrounding areas.

Nazia Laskar, lawyer and social worker, appealed to all present to select saplings and pot plants as gifts on occasions like festivals and national days.

Hamad Berlashker, Managing Director, Tangent PR, lauded the initiative of SoNE and promised to provide free publicity and media support to the ongoing projects of the group in order to promote and preserve the environment.

An associate of SoNE, Mufti Nasihur Rahman, principal of a girls’ madrassa in Mangaldai, Assam and acclaimed all over the country as the “Swachchata Maulana”, in a message sent to SoNE said, according to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), “A Muslim who plants a tree or sows a field, from which man, birds and animals can eat, is committing an act of charity.” The Mufti sought the help of SoNE members to take the environment protection mission to all the madrassas and masjids of Assam in the coming days.

The Mufti, who is presently in Rishikesh attending the Global Summit of Faith Leaders for Sanitation, has been honoured with the “Ganga Award” at the Summit in recognition of his good work in the creation of awareness about sanitation and environment protection among the Muslim masses.

In a symbolic ritual, SoNE members distributed saplings for plantation in different areas of the city.