Talking Films 2013

Model and actor DIPANNITA SHARMA ATWAL picks the top 10 films of 2013

This is a list of films that I personally enjoyed watching in 2013. Since its only a list of 10 I have stuck to just Hindi and English films because foreign and regional films would have been a separate list altogether (we can do that another time). There maybe many other films which are as good or better than the ones in this list but if I haven’t watched them, it would have been improper to include them. I have tried to include films from different genres, so that the list is comprehensive in some way.The films are in no particular order of preference.

Ship of theseus – one of the best screenplays in a very long time, superbly directed and an amazing freshness about it.

Bhaag milkha bhaag – A biopic is always a delight to watch and this one was very well told on screen. Farhan Akhtar has emerged as an actor to watch out for

Jolly LLB – one of the most underrated films of this year. Brilliant storyline, great twist that throws you off, flows seamlessly and you fall in love with the characters.

Chennai express – for the crazy silliness and the amount it made me laugh for the few hours in the theatre, I loved this film!

Ironman 3 – Its amazing how hollywood only gets better and better with superhero films! this one was beyond all expectations in every which way.

The conjuring – one of the best horror films of recent times. The shocks were stunningly original and you are sure to jump off your seat in quite a few of them. A must watch for all horror fans

Star trek into darkness – The adventures of the enterprise are as intriguing as the members of it and this one had a new enemy in the form of ‘Khan’ played by the brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch. Sci- fi at its best and nostalgia for all star trek fans like me.

Gravity – Can you imagine a film about just 2 characters set in space that could be extremely interesting? I too had my doubts until I watched it. I was totally blown over by everything that the film had to offer. This one just consumed me. Although not recommended on dvd because it might lose the effect

Despicable me 2 – My list can never be complete without an animation film and this one truly happened to be the best for me this year. The humour is just insane & you take the characters home with you.

Captain Philips – what a beautiful actor Tom Hanks is. The story of course is taken from a real life incident (heart wrenching)  but how Hanks just became the real captain philips for the screen, is almost unbelievable.