This isn’t the Spring I wished!


You were meant for many moons
but saw the sunset early,
Between the start and end-
forgot to live ; merely alive.
Selfish , reckless and scrupulous,
made light of a grave situation;
cohabitation and coexistence,
lost over self-existence.

When was the last meal shared together?
Maybe a meaningful conversation?
Surely not scuffling over loss and gain ?
Perhaps a fun outing to alleviate some pain ?
You are alive with your loved ones around,
they had dear ones too.
They were gone to never return;
ashes bought back in stacks of urns.

Gasping for breath while struggling to live,
you crib at how crippled you feel-
Whilst still in your safe haven,
locked down but not down and out:
oblivious to the ones not born to privileges
as they set afoot to their far flung villages .
yet could not escape being called a flout-
stark reality of  a political clout !

The dead were buried in a faraway place,
Pity! how you trudge back in your golden cage.
When other beings move around freely
you face retribution by sheer malady!
Life is transient but not our greed –
We ask for more , a little more, then even more:
until a day like this comes –
we see ourselves to a screeching halt
time to reflect maybe on a single good deed !
Life in limbo ,death is cruel
We stop and wonder if this is real.

Too many goodbyes were not said
Not many healing wishes received,
she missed the hustle and the bustle
he was dying in a makeshift bed;
death after death all the news read.
His fragile hands bid goodbye to the unknown
those that cared till the end were never known.
Embracing the fear and still caring –
applauds to you for being truly daring!

There was shelter there was food,
clean air , water and livelihood-
all that prevails now is solitude.
Sombre sky above ghost towns,
mankind under a severe lockdown!
I wish we as a race were a little selfless.
Nature in its fury ,we face the wrath
What have we made of this earth?
Now that the huge edifice of ego
melts like a sheet of ice;
a grim reminder of our spite-
Is there hope of some respite?

This was the time for fresh beginnings
Harbinger of the new and pleasant
to an ailing world it is a sombre presage
for the arrogance, pride and sacrilege.
As pain abounds ,in self pity we wallow
indeed a disaster and we are at the brink,
Promise of a beautiful season rings hollow
On this gloomy day as I shudder and think,
This isn’t the Spring I wished!


This is a witness poetry as the world come to a standstill, mankind stands united putting up a brave front trying to fight a virulent disease. The poem is about how as humans we have failed nature ,taken it for granted and never really cared about the other living beings in the planet that we share till this time when we are facing the wrath of Nature in its complete fury.

We were so caught up in the mechanical way of leading our lives that we had somehow forgotten to live, overlooked the fundamental and simple joys in life. This also talks about the huge deaths all over the world from Italy to China (refer to stacks of urns), Health Care workers who have been selflessly and relentlessly working during this crisis. A brief line about the huge migrant crisis in India as they walked back to their homes during a severe lockdown while we are still cribbing inspite of being with our loved ones and in the safe comfort of our homes. This is grave and is a moment to stop, pause and think!

A working professional associated with the IT Industry (Wipro Technlogies) with a penchant for writing. Passion for travelling around the globe, a fitness enthusiast and an avid reader.