Thoughts on Freedom

As India celebrates the its 70th Independence day, we speak to people from all walks of life on what freedom means to them.

alanaALANA GOLMEI, activist

To me Freedom means when there is no discrimination against anyone based on religion, caste, race, culture. Freedom is when there is equality for all especially gender. Till women are safe at home, outside without being raped, abused, assault we can never say we have freedom.


srutimalaSRUTIMALA DUARA, author and academic

Freedom means a terror free, corruption free, child labour free, poverty free, gender bias free, dirt free beautiful land that the whole world will look up to.
monaliMONALI BHARDWAJ, Ambassador, Pinkathon
Robert Frost says : Freedom lies in being BOLD, and I completely believe in his quote. Freedom is the liberation of one’s soul.

And freedom doesn’t come for free!
mandyRJ MANDY, radio jockey
Freedom to me is like a holiday where I can do whatever I want. Freedom also means a responsibility to me which I owe to myself and the society I live in as a citizen.
aditiADITI CHOWDHURY, academic
I read somewhere that true freedom is, in essence, to honour and respect the freedom of others. Looking around me after six decades of independence, I don’t see that happening. Irom Sharmila serves as a recent example.
taanishiTAANISHI INAM, entrepreneur
For me, freedom is a privilege and it is important. It’s a gift just like life. I have the freedom to think what I want and I have the freedom of choice. Freedom means the ability to speak my mind and it means that I have rights. Freedom also means that I am thankful to those brave souls who fought for the independence of our country. Glad to be an Indian.
satyenSATYEN MAHANTA, Swayam – an approach
For me Freedom means feeling equal in all perspectives as Indian inspite of being diverse geographically, demographically, culturally historically and a sense of  belonging, bonding and dignified identity which we people of North East have been deprived even after 70 yrs of Independence.
meghaMEGHA KASHYAP, child rights activist
Freedom to me would mean exercising my choices and access to such choices. It means breaking every shackle that holds us back from achieving what we should be thriving for.
sunitaSUNITA BHUYAN, violinist
Freedom to me means 3E Empower Enable Enrich — which is a musical theme — We are free when we are empowered to take decisions based on our knowledge and education — we have access to enabling platforms to ourselves. We have access to enabling platforms to develop ourselves and our full potential. Freedom is the liberty to enrich our soul and pursue our passion.
moMO NAGA, tattoo artist
For me equality is freedom!
 armanARMAN ALI, disability rights activist
Freedom to me is to be able to go anywhere I want to and be part of the mainstream society on a equal footing with others.
Freedom means able to walk freely in one’s home town without being questioned about his or her identity by soldiers who don’t belong to the town.