Tinat Atifa Masood shares her story of ‘futility to fame’ at Star Talk event

The fourth programme under the series “Star Talk” was organised by the Stars of North East (SoNE) Group at the Asian Institute of Management & Technology (AIMT) Auditorium in Guwahati on Sunday. The SoNE is a group of professionals engaged in unearthing, mentoring, and showcasing of talents in our society.
The Star Talk series is one among many projects of SoNE to share the knowledge and experiences of professionals with the youth of the society for the benefit of the latter. Theatre prodigy Kismat Bano, social media expert Syed Mohsin Raja, and disaster management professional Mirza M Irshad are among those who have deliberated at Star Talks held earlier.
Tinat Atifa Masood, author-anchor-motivation speaker, was the presenter at Star Talk Four and she passionately shared her story of ‘futility to fame’ often picking up turning points from her own life. Tinat said her family was not very well off but her father was determined to give her the best possible upbringing and her mother acting as sheet anchor for realisation of her dreams over the years. Her first encounter with success was when she was inducted as an actor in the Doordarshan serial “Tejal Ghora” in 1994. The serial became very popular and people came to talk to her when she travelled by bus in the city. As on date, she has acted in about 20 serials and documentaries many of which have found audience overseas.
Tinat informed the overwhelmingly young audience that it has not been all milk and honey along her path. There were moments of frustration during which she even wanted to commit suicide. But motivational reading and support from friends and well-wishers gave her the strength to get over those moments of low and come back to her real self.
SoNE member and author Shalim M Hussain was congratulated on two counts, first for being invited to participate at the Sahitya Akademi Festival to be held in Kochi, Kerala on Dec 7-8, 2017 and second, for his paper titled “Sub National Fantasies in Genre Fiction: A Study of Kanchan Baruah’s Asimot Jar Heral Xeema” being selected for presentation at a panel discussion titled “Precarity and Vulnerability in Northeast Indian Literature” at the 2018 South Asian Literary Association (SALA) Conference to be held at in New York City during Jan 8-9, 2018.
Another SoNE member, Tasher Ali Sheikh, a PhD scholar at NERIST Arunachal Pradesh, was commended for being called to serve in the Programme Committee at 7th International Conference on “Embedded Systems and Applications (EMSA-2018)” which will be held during Feb 17-18, 2018, in Melbourne, Australia.
Salma Hussain, SoNE member & human rights worker, was congratulated for participating as a panellist at the Conference on “Rights of Elderly Persons as Human Rights & Related Issues” that was organised by the ICFAI University Agartala during Nov 4-5, 2017.
Aman Wadud, SoNE member and lawyer, announced that the 5th Rural Inter School Debate Competition organised by AAIMS and supported by SoNE will take place on Jan 27, 2018 at Goroimari in Kamrup Rural District in Assam. Nurul Laskar, founder SoNE, thanked Asha Khan, Shajish Ul Hoque for sponsoring the Star Talk Four event, Neyaj Uddin Ahmed for the hospitality arrangements, and Mayank Taparia for providing the logistics for successful holding of the programme.