Translation of two poems in Assamese written by Syed Abdul Malik

Translation of two poems in Assamese written by Syed Abdul Malik


Signature (Sohi)

The manuscripts of human progress are dark
With signature stains of thousands of millions;
Signatures of countless unreadable names.
Some scribbled with tears,
Some soiled with infamy,
While others signed with a sigh
Decaying in a sea of tears
For thousands of years.
Dreams that became fairy tales,
Stories half told
Songs in futile hunt for tunes,
Eyes sunk in gloom in search of light;
Souls, whose fires failed to kindle
The sacred chamber of the heart,
Pasts that did not delegate missions
To the future,
Hopes, turning non entities, after losing their Respective identities;
Signatures, suffering from self delusion, using fake Names.

Let those remain buried in the dust
On tattered pages of ancient scrolls
Let them suffer in silence the torment of the time

Basking in the bright Sunshine of a new age
Here I  sign-
A new signature
On the water of the sea of eternity.


I am a River (Moy Swotoswini)

Fragrance of a lost dream in my blood
The river finds its own path
I pick up dreams from the banks of one river
And lay gardens on the banks of another…
Like a river, I am always on the surge…
The mountain that gets in my way
Is also my kin
Finding my path through its heart
I dance my way to the valley below
As a mountain stream…
In every joint of my bones
I hold timeless tales
Of  thousands of  years
Of rise and fall
Of migration and settlement
Of gardens laid on fresh soil
I am a river
In my bosom I carry memories
Of raging monsoons
Of thinning streams during the arid winter
Shedding tears of poverty and deprivation
Though it all
Unceasing the river runs…
The frenzied motion, the never ending flow,
The silent journey towards the sea
Of my inner soul
Under the dry sands of time…
Today, the thunderous roar
Of my untamed current is
In a state of deep sleep
In the lap of silence
But I have not stopped
Again there will be seasons of rain
The dry sands will disappear under my drift
The brilliant Sunshine of a new dawn
Shall light up the path of my sprightly gait
Again shall bloom the red and white blossoms
On the two banks
I am alive—-
Life throbs in my nerves and veins
The immutable convictions
Written in unfading blood
Cling to the fragrant dreams
And promises of another morn
I am a river
My religion is to move on, to flow on
I am a river
By whatever name you call me
I am a living surging river
I am a river….

15696819_1285235028213169_845151990_oThe translator Syed Ahmed Shah was born in Shillong and educated in various schools across the Brahmaputra Valley. He is an officer in the Department of Customs. During his school days he used to write crime stories regularly in Bismoi, a popular digest magazine published from Guwahati. During his tenure as a Customs officer posted in the Indo-Bangla border he had taken up translating popular Hindi film songs and poetry to kill the silence of his lonely evenings. He had translated quite a number of Zikirs and realised to his surprise that he was good at it. What started as a pastime became his passion and he was like a man possessed. He has two published works to his credit. One is a translation of poems written by Rousanara Begum and the other is an original collection of poems titled Lipstick and Other Prisons. His translations of Bhupen Hazarika’s songs is forthcoming.