Treasure hunt at Meghalaya: visit to Arwah Lumshynna Cave and Dainthlen Fall

By Nasima Parveen Aman

Set out early morning without any agenda or a destination in mind, accompanied by a very good friend from Shillong, knowledgeable about ‘everything’ about Meghalaya  and promised us we would have a day to remember. Keeping in mind our time constraint we decided to visit the Arwah Lumshynna Cave and The Dainthlen Falls.


Women managing shops is a common phenomenon in Meghalaya. We took a break on our way for lunch at one such café. And, soon reached our first destination – The Arwah Cave. A wooden hillside enchanting pathway surrounded with greenery and colourful blossoms led us to the cave discovered by local men, now open for tourists.

Caving is not the only adventure you experience, its somethings more than that. The water flowing gently over the rocks.  The sound of the flowing water gives a soothing feeling to the ears and mind. Millions of years old fossils of birds and fish and a quick sand area covered with clear blue water (not to approach) are added bonus to the adventure. One can easily relate to the Wonderland Alice woke up after falling from the rabbit hole.


During rainy days the entire cliff turns into one large fall – the Dainthlen Falls. But because it wasn’t raining, we had a large area to ourselves to walk around, sit by the stream with our feets on the cold, clear, atlantis-blue water, sipping hot tea from the only shop there, run by a very generous and welcoming family of five is worth mentioning because good experiences are always worth mentioning. The three children look after the shop after they returns from school. We communicated with signs, pointing to the things we needed and warm smiles. Hills and green valleys surrounded the fall so fascinating, nothing in the world seem more important than to just live in the moment.

By sunset we were halfway back and the journey wasn’t any less magical, the sun kissing hills, lush green meadows as far as your eyes can see, tiny flowers nodding gently to the cold breeze are things one cannot miss the opportunity to just keep looking and be grateful for a day like that.

How to reach –

Arwah-Lumshynna Cave is at Pdengshnong, Sohra, Cherrapunjee, on the left side of the main road.

Dainthlen Falls – A right turn from the main road (way to Sa-i-mika resort). Another 15-20km drive.