Two Day for Tommorow

BREW kickstarts the design fest in Sikkim


TWODAYFOR TOMORROW, a two days design festival organized by B.R.E.W. and Echostream started on the 8th of November. Students and teachers from six schools are participating in the festival: Tashi Namgyal Academy, P.N.G.S.S.S., Deorali Girls S.S.S, Westpoint School, TNHSS and Taktse International.

The students and teachers embarked on a journey to the design world to get acquainted with the creative field as career options get inspired and express their ideas.

On the first day the students/teachers worked in three groups. Each group chose a product: spectacles, dustbin and headphones. Following a creative process,a brief evolved to design unconventional and challenging products such as spectacles for people with only one ear, personalized sound device without any metal that can be camouflaged and a waste disposal product with a solar cooker.

The project inspired the students to explore possibilities and seek solution to everyday problems through creative thinking.