Volunteering for flood relief

Volunteers of Feeding India, Guwahati Chapter, started flood relief distribution by helping 1000 families with food material, torches, sanitary pads, antiseptic lotions, mosquito repellent, clothes etc in Assam’s Morigaon including the badly affected Bhuragaon. This was done with the help of materials collected from Guwahati residents in just a week. This is to be followed by more drives in this week and the next.

Child affected by flood

Volunteers of Feeding India, Guwahati Chapter completed its first Donation Drive of Flood Relief Campaign on Sunday, July 21. More than 750 Relief Kits which included rice, dal, chidwa, mudi, jaggery, biscuits, water bottles, soap, detergent, antiseptic lotions, mosquito repellent, sanitary pads, torchlights, potatoes, mosquito coils, candles, match boxes and a few essential medicines were distributed along with for 750+ along with 2000+ clothes to the affected people, covering 3-4 villages in Morigaon district,  including Bhuragaon. These materials were all given by residents of Guwahati to the 15 drop points across the city run by volunteers and packed for distribution.

This is to be followed by more drives in the coming days in different districts of Assam.

Feeding India runs the largest youth run network towards solving hunger and food waste. More than 25,000 volunteers, also called Hunger Heroes, collect and donate food in 75+ cities. Hunger Heroes also take up the task of spreading awareness and bringing on-ground change in the community. The Guwahati Chapter started in 2017 and has over 4000 volunteers. It is headed by Sachin Jha.

Rhinusmita Kakoty Lahkar, a volunteer says, “Despite the fact that houses were under water and they were all in temporary shelters in the road, especially in badly affected Bhuragaon, we found that people haven’t lost their sense of humour and we came back with smiles, hugs, kisses and blessings.”