Walking around the world with Meigo Mark

By Tinat Atifa Masood

“I love children,” he answered when asked if he will ever get married. Meigo Mark has been drawn to traveling across the world, when as a little boy, his mother used to tell him fairy tales from different countries during bedtime. Walking all the way from Estonia, Meigo has completed 8,920 kms on reaching Guwahati. He wishes to walk the circumference of the Earth, that is, 40,700kms in the next seven years. A boy who grew up in the countryside of Estonia, he makes a living by composing for the symphonies and the royalty is making his dream of traveling around the world a reality, not to forget that he has also rented his house out to friends.


“I am not doing this walk for any particular purpose like charity or to get media coverage. But someday, I wish to write a book on this journey and tell the younger generation about the diversity of the world; the different people, culture, music and yet how similar we all are, biologically. We are born from a mother, eat, drink, have two eyes, two ears….! It’s not the kilometres that I have covered that is important, but more important is the experience. I have been enriched by living with 130 different families, 50 homes. I have lived with the most affluent families and even spent 2 days and 2 nights in a 6×6 metre room with no windows in a slum in Mumbai with nine people, two cats and two dogs.

Before this journey started, which happened all of a sudden within a week, I had an intuitive feeling that something big was going to happen in my life, though my parents are still not happy with this decision.” With just a Panasonic camera, with inbuilt GPS to track his walk and a recorder, the down-to-earth Meigo Mark left everyone enthralled with his simplicity and honesty of his dream, which is turning into a reality.

He smiled warmly, when he spoke the last lines, “If we can be thankful for the uncomfortable things in life, we know we are blessed to overcome anything in life!” It was thoroughly enriching meeting Meigo Mark, the Man who is making THE WALK AROUND THE EARTH!

Tinat Atif Masood

Tinat Atif Masood

Tinat Atifa Masood is an Actor, Director, Producer, Script-writer, National-level emcee, Voice-over artist, Writer, Poet, Counsellor, Philanthropist, blogger, Dreamer and a lover of people. She is based in Guwahati.