What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day, originally called International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. Women across the board speak their heart out on what they feel about this special day

NIRA GURUNG, Senior Communications Officer, ICIMOD, Nepal

nira1I reaffirm that a woman is a “power house” whose full potential is yet to be wholly realized. This may be due to lack of awareness, opportunity, confidence, access to resources, education and support by society at large. Nevertheless, let us all (women and men) spare our thoughts on this day to appreciate the myriad of important roles a woman plays and contributes successfully at personal, household, professional and societal levels, leading to an overall well-being of a family, society and the nation as a whole.

FLORENCE HANDIQUE RABHA, television anchor and actor

floEvery day is ”Women’s Day” for me. To me IWD means recognising and appreciating the efforts and contributions of women to family, society, nation and mankind. Women also need to uplift, encourage and inspire each other so that together they can make everything possible.



mitraEven though IWD is a tokenism, it means that note is being taken on a global level about the rampant inequalities that women have to battle against, from the womb to the tomb. Also, it is a rallying point to celebrate the lives and achievements of those marvellous women who have overcome all odds to contribute, in various ways, small and big, to take humanity as a whole forward.


NABANITA DAS, Programme Executive, Doordarshan Northeast

nabanita1Every special day has its own significance, but I think International Women’s Day make us feel more empowered. We feel that we are not lagging behind men rather we are stronger now. Biggest challenge is that being a woman we should not compromise for any injustice done to us and for this each and every girl has to be self-dependent.


NAHID ISLAM, Psychiatrist

nahidWomen’s day is a meaningful day for me. It is a day dedicated to bring more awareness among both men and women about the power of women. It is important to realise that her role is imperative for the growth of society. It is important to know her rights and privileges in order to lead a respectable and dignified life.


SRIPARNA BARUAH, Management Professional

sriparnaTo me International Women’s day is a day to reflect on contributions of women historically in various spheres of life and reinforce the belief that how strong a women is! Rather than celebration in public functions there should be more of reflection and realisation to look at ourselves as human beings instead stereotyping as a separate gender. I really like what Roosevelt had to say about women ‘Woman is like a tea bag. You don’t know how strong she is unless you put her in hot water’.


135gita1GITA ARAVAMUDAN, author

International Women’s Day has always meant a lot to me as it helps me as a writer and an activist to focus on issues which are important for the emancipation of women. However I find the present trend of commercialization and trivialization of women’s day quite offensive.