Will explore hill stations this summer: RJ Pahi



In our special summer series, celebrated individuals from India’s Northeast share their secrets to beat the summer heat. So, stay cool, look chic and leave your imprint this summer


Radio Jockey RJ Pahi loves travelling to hill stations in the summer


“Summer” the word itself for me means vacations and tours. I still remember during school and college days summer meant a month-long vacation.


And that is the time when the entire family plans to go on a month-long holiday. But now working in media we hardly get time to go out on a long vacation. Hence, weekends are bound to be special.


I love hill stations and that way I am truly blessed to be born in the northeast of India. Like always I would love spending time amidst nature and mountains with my loved ones. Exploring new places and new food is always something that attracts me. So every summer I move out of town to visit new place, explore new things, new food. The quickest and shortest hill station to visit is Shillong/Cherrapunji and there is so much about these places to explore. So this summer also I will spend my time amidst nature and mountains and take out time to relax and soothe myself. Nothing on this earth can be more relaxing than spending a relaxing time amongst nature.


Also summer means time for dehydration and sweat. So I always take out time from my busy schedule especially in summer for self-hygiene and personal care as this time of the season you tend to get ill and have skin problems. So I wish everyone a very happy summer drink lots of water, fruits, protect yourself from sun/sun tan, do go out and play games, explore and enjoy.


When it comes to dressing in summer I always prefer cotton, anything in cotton with light color is always my choice. I love my shorts and flip-flops when out for vacations and in office I don my favorite pair of jeans and cotton shirts, t-shirts and tops.