Without Countdown

                        WITHOUT COUNTDOWN


                             (to APJ Abdul Kalam)    

                                                                                           By Bhaskar Phukan



                                   chose you

                                   at your favorite place

                                   while you were doing

                                    what you do best

                                   in your kingdom

                                   of knowledge.


                                     than any missile;

                                    without countdown ;

                                   setting off

                                   across a nation

                                     a trajectory

                                     of grief and a love

                                    that needs

                                     no ignition.


Bhaskar Phukan

Bhaskar Phukan

The author is a civil servant with the government of Assam. The views expressed in the article are his own and in no way represent the Government of Assam’s views. Feedback: bhaskarub@gmail.com.