Workshop on “Sexual Health and Sexual Rights of Youth with disability” held in Guwahati

Shishu Sarothi, has organized 2 workshops on “Sexual Health and Sexual Rights of Youth with disability” from 18 to 20 August, 2017, in collaboration with Sexuality and disability program, Point of View, a Mumbai based non-profit organization that works for the promotion of the point of views of women through a creative and sustained use of media, art and culture.

August 18 and 19

Training workshop for teachers and special educators: sexual rights and youth with disabilities

30 Teachers and Special Educators from Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhijan and  NGOs including Swabhalambi, Sahayika Child Guidance Center,Assha Rehab Center, NIPCCED, Monovikash, Saraswati Bagdhwani participated in this 2 day long training. “It is very important that Youth with disabilities should also receive appropriate sexual health education, as they experience the same physical and emotional changes as their peers who do not have disabilities.  Educators have the responsibility of assisting students in their growth and development and sexuality is part of that growth.  That is why; educators should have resources and supports available to meet the needs of their students,” says Arman Ali, Executive Director, Shishu Sarothi.

The aim of the two day training was to strengthen the understanding of disability, sexuality and gender rights and their intersections; The complexities that children and youth with disabilities face in expressing their identity; their relationship with their body; stigma on their sexual rights and needs; their consent in relationships, friendships and marriage; their heightened vulnerability of abuse and legal redress.

The training was facilitated by Jyoti Gogoi, special educator Shishu Sarothi in collaboration with Nidhi Goyal, Program Director: Sexuality and disability, and Srinidhi Raghavan, trainer and researcher, from Point of View. “People with disabilities are also sexual beings just like anyone else. But we rarely think they are individuals with feelings and choices, we rarely give them a chance to speak and   experience many relationships. Sexual rights of people with disabilities are something we still hesitate to discuss, and we at sexuality and disability want to change this,” says Nidhi Goyal, Program Director, Point of View.

August 20

Workshop on sexual health and rights for visually impaired youth with disabilities was organised at Guwahati Blind High School.

30 adolescents (men and women) participated in the training on sexuality and disability. This daylong session talked about body literacy, choice, relationships and consent, navigating safe and unsafe situations, identifying violence and combating abuse, legal redresses and some solution.