World Music Day 2018

On the occasion of World Music Day, we bring some thoughts of people associated with music


Jimi Hendrix aptly said “Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world then it can only happen through music”. On this World Music Day, I feel it is extremely necessary to highlight that music is the only thing that connects people. The respect and reverence I have for music makes me believe that music can change this world because it can change people to make it a better place for us, for our children, for our children’s children. Music has no religion, no country, no boundaries, no race, no colour- music is the universal language of mankind.


Music takes you to a very different world where there is no hatred, jealousy and those negative emotions. Wish all musicians a happy life.


It’s a day to acknowledge and appreciate the greatest gift of God – Music. Thanks to all the musicians across the world for sharing the gift.


The language of music unites like no other. It leaps across cultures to reach the hearts of people worldwide. By celebrating World Music Day we come a little closer to understanding each other on this day.


I feel music is the best exploration of mankind. Since the time you start feeling your surroundings, Music occupies its place in our lives without any confusion. And with the privilege of being a Radio Jockey I feel blessed that I get to be in and around music 24/7 and get paid for it as well. My day starts with music and ends with music.

Music helps us to celebrate life every way. And I feel it’s an unknown therapy that not only helps you to grow but also overcome lot of hurdles in its own way. It is perhaps the silent contribution of music which people barely realize. I always keep myself open to the world for all kind of music. And the surprising part is that though I am a Radio jockey, I don’t have any playlist in my phone. Because I LOVE to explore the kind of music the world has to offer me every day, which I get to listen and feel every time anywhere anytime. For example, if am travelling by a cab somewhere in Himachal or Nagaland I prefer listening to what the drivers playlist has to offer and that gives Me immense happiness and kick in itself.

I feel Music is the best way of human expression. My priciest possession is my headphone!!

Celebrate life with music each day- Keep Playing 😉


Music is love, music is life, music is everything one dreams about. It’s the attainable as well as the intensely desired till life falls through…

In the summer of 2006, I was in Paris. And while walking down a lane in Le Marais, apartment hunting for my extended family coming in to town, I saw something at once beautiful and astonishing. Around a little fountain next to a street where cars and cyclists sped by a guitar holding young girl was sitting on the raised cement circular border and strumming and singing a song. A few more meters ahead, again, a middle aged man stood near the turning and played a piano-accordion strapped to himself. A few passers-by had gathered around him in appreciation. A few more such scenes seemed to be picking up as the evening winded down.

On my way back, the metro seemed to be spilling with people of all ages, all headed to play or hear or support music in the streets. It’s then that I got to know that it is World Music Day, initiated by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, and Maurice Fleuret. Celebrated on 21 June all over the world, people are encouraged to play music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks. What a discovery for someone like me who was trained in Hindustani classical music, folk and Rabindra sangeet, and looked for solace in music even while I didn’t turn out to be a singer.

Once I returned to my studio apartment on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine in the 12th arrondissement, something had happened. The night air was charged, the stars were shining extra bright and our steps were lighter than ever. Across the street, there was a Turkish restaurant, throbbing with melody and merriment. From my studio balcony I could see an elderly couple swinging to the tune played by a man at the restaurant. What had made this possible? This jollity, this abandon, this love? I was told it was World Music Day which had begun in Paris in 1982 and continued to enthrall people each year. By the time the night had deepened, the music had caught on infectiously and we all flocked to the Turkish restaurant. What followed is a bond we cherished over full-throated singing, foot-tapping dancing, and ecstatic notes.